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Rivore Metals

Rivore Metals LLC is a metals trading and project management company with offices in the United States and Canada offering full service trading operations to international specialized markets for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.

Business Services

As the flexible supplier of all material requirements to numerous mills and overseas buyers, Rivore Metals has built a reputation for agility, creativity and integrity through strong supplier and processor relationships.


Commitment to customer service, experience and financial stability, coupled with direct transportation relationships enables us to maintain and manage an extensive fleet of rail cars dedicated to scrap delivery throughout North America.


This positions us to best serve the needs of processors and Consumers of all sizes, including numerous major firms, in both the domestic and international markets.



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Toll free 1.800.248.1250


Rivore Metals

850 Stephenson Hwy, Ste 308

Troy MI 48083


Rivore Metals provides a fully integrated range of services for the resource recovery industry.

•  Specialized Facility and Equipment provisions

•  Environmental & Safety consultation

•  Transportation and Logistics solutions

•  Scrap processing contract labor management

•  Coordination of non-metal material recycling

•  Financing

•  Customized Accounting and Reporting



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